These are the most frequently asked questions about our program.

 Please contact us at hotelpartner@hutchgo.com.hk.
No fees are incurred to participate in the Hutchison Travel Limited Retail Hotel Program.
 We charge at very competitive commission rates. Please contact us at hotelpartner@hutchgo.com.hk for more information.
 You can update the availability and rates online via extranet or GDS, depending on the specified platform you've chosen. Hutchison Travel Limited will provide you with assistance if needed.
 You can start receiving reservations within 6 working days. All it takes is to familiarize yourself with how our system works to ensure that the correct availability and rates are displayed.
Notifications are automatically triggered when customers book or cancel online. Hotels can receive notifications in 2 ways? by email or fax*, while guests would receive an automatic confirmation by email. This includes a booking reference, your contact details, hotel policy and directions to your hotel.?br /> *We recommend you to regularly check your online hotel bookings page through the management system as fax and email notifications could fail at times.
 If guests make cancellations online, you will be notified as the way you did with reservations. The cancellation policy of your hotel has to be clearly stated on the Hutchison Travel Limited website. In case of no-shows, or when guests fail to cancel within the cancellation period stated on the website, hotels can charge a penalty fee (usually 100% of the first night). Guests may also cancel or amend directly with hotels over the phone or by email; in which case we very much encourage hotels to notify us immediately.
 It is essential to offer competitive rates at your best, special offers and adequate availability are also crucial to improve the business. You are very much encouraged to update the system regularly to check the correct rates and obtain accurate statistics.
 If you have any questions, please contact our customer services team at general.cs@hutchgo.com.hk